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The East Bank

If you choose to return to Pakse along the east bank of the Mekong, you can take the ferry with your vehicle at Ban Lak Sisip (around 40 kilometres from Champasak). The ferry can transport minibuses, cars, motorcycles and bicycles and there are various sites and activities worth visiting along the way. The road is a little less interesting than the shore opposite, but visitors are likely to find something interesting and enjoyable at different points.

From the village of Lak Sisip itself, a path leads to a workshop where local craftsmen create ornate statues and figures from the local wood.

You can also head south from the village to visit the temple of Wat Tomo. The temple also dates from pre-Angkorian times and construction is believed to have started in the 7th century. The temple ruins are attractive and intriguing with sacred trees along the temple.

From this same side of the river, it is possible to reach the village of Kiet Nong, nestled along a trail of around 9 kilometres which starts at the village of Ban Thang Beng. Here, it is possible to walk on foot or ride on an elephant to the shrine of Phou Asa, a mysterious site, lying on the top of a mountain.

Continuing on in the direction of Pakse, the Tad Koy waterfall is the perfect place to enjoy the nature and the entertainment offered by the young Lao who swim near the falls. To reach the waterfall, you follow the trail from Ban Lak Saoha (on Route 25).

Whichever route you prefer, the tranquility of the villages, and temples is unique and contracts with the hustle & bustle of other parts of SE Asia. Let yourself be amazed by the unique smells of the local markets and small inns and enjoy the freshness offered by the sumptuous, sacred trees. You will enjoy unique landscapes and lush tropical vegetation throughout your visit to Champasak.

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