To come to the Bassac Residence


By plane

  • Vientiane (more than one flight per day)
  • Luang Prabang (limited flights per week)
  • Savannakhet (limited flights per week)
  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (limited flights per week)
  • Ho Chi Minh (limited flights per week)
  • Siem Reap (limited flights per week)

By the road

There are the following options:

  • There are the following options:
    We can provide a private transfer (depending on availability). You can contact us to have the price.
    You can find a songthaew (pick-up truck with two large benches at the back) which is a shared transport and leaves when it’s full.
  • The last option is to take a private tuk-tuk, however, this can be a more uncomfortable ride.
    The cost will depend on what you negotiate with the driver.

Take the night bus from Vientiane’s southern station (DONG DOK) and you arrive in Pakse around 07:00 am (the next morning). The night bus is comfortable (make sure you get an overnight bus). In some buses, you share your bed. If you don’t want to be close to a stranger, book two seats!

  • The VIP bus is the most comfortable and seamless way to travel between between Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand) and Pakse (Laos) via the Chong Mek border crossing.
  • From Ubon Ratchathani Railway Station you can make your way to Ubon Ratchathani Bus Terminal by taking a songthaew, tuk-tuk or taxi.
  • Departing from Ubon Ratchathani: 7.30am & 3.30pm
  • Departing from Pakse: 8.30am & 3.30pm
  • The journey from Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand) to Pakse (Laos) takes approximately 3 hours.

It’s a two and a half hour drive.