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Soum Noum Restaurant & Mekong Sala

In addition to our hotel, the Soum Noum restaurant and Mekong Sala are worth a stop during your tour of southern Laos. The cuisine is exquisite and mixes with finesse and creativity, Mediterranean cuisine and the culinary heritage of Laos. Our chefs use fresh, local products with some of the finest international ingredients.

Each morning, you will enjoy the scents and favours of a sumptuous breakfast with fresh homemade bread, hot and crisp pastries, seasonal fruits and jams, homemade marmalades and a wide choice of à la carte dishes. Almost all the products we offer are made in Soum Noum’s kitchen: wood-fired pizzas, fresh pasta and lasagna, freshly made gazpacho, Mock Pa or fish cooked in banana leaves, as well as sticky rice and its traditional sauces combined in a mortar & pestle are but a few examples. The aromas and colours of our dishes will leave you with unforgettable memories. Our seasoned chefs have learned this quality from Spanish, Laotian, French and Indian chefs. The culinary experience is based on classic meals revisited in a refined way, with careful presentation, making it one of the best tables in South Laos.

Soum Noum restaurant Champasak
Soum Noum Restaurant at Champasak
Soum Noum Restaurant at Champasak

The restaurant staff, elegant and attentive, offer a service of international standing. Soum Noum Restaurant is tastefully decorated, with many links to its regional heritage. Its warm atmosphere mixes white and woody tones with ethnic fabrics and fresh flowers. The warm lights and the musical atmosphere of Soum Noum embellish the evenings of Champasak.

If you wish, you can enjoy your meals in our Sala on the banks of the Mekong, the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. We can also welcome you for a convivial lunch of fresh meats and vegetables prepared on our Argentine grill or plancha, made to measure for our hotel.

Our desserts, such as our panna cotta with basil, our chocolate mousse and our homemade ice cream with sparkling and exotic flavors wait to excite your taste buds. All these pleasures are accompanied by a wide selection of quality spirits and wines, as well as a choice of classic and original cocktails to delight the all tastes. Our stylishly decorated drinks are all served with bamboo straws. An evening at Soum Noum Restaurant offers a friendly atmosphere, unique aromas and impeccable service.

Soum Noum Champasak
The Sala Residence Bassac Champasak
The Sala Residence Bassac Champasak

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