We offer a variety of workshops aimed at enhancing your knowledge of, and ability to create, local and international culinary treasures, as well as team-building workshops.

Cocktail workshop

Cocktail workshop: Learn how to make the perfect classic and more modern cocktails. Upon arrival you are greeted with a (non-alcoholic) welcome beverage and an amuse. The cocktail workshop features four cocktails of your choosing, with a break in between each cocktail to enjoy the creations, the weather and the company.
Includes: Welcome drink & amuse, four cocktails, snacks throughout the workshop
Timeframe: 2 hours

Noodle-making Workshop

Immerse yourself in Lao culture by learning how to make traditional Lao rice noodles with our head chef, Madame Teep. After the Lao Noodles have been given time to dry/settle, our head chef will guide you through the process of making the perfect Lao Noodle Soup, locally known as Khao Piak.
Includes: Welcome drink & amuse,
Timeframe: 2 hours?

Team-building workshop

Our team-building workshops Success in groups is achieved through excellent team work. This workshop aims to improve your group’s ability to work together while